What Is Attraction?

Sexual attraction is probably the most basic ingredient in picking up women. And yet, it seems so difficult to explain, and ever more difficlut is to attract women.

In this post we will discuss what exactly is attraction, what makes women attracted to men, and how can we make every woman attracted to us.


Basic Natural Feeling

Sexual attraction, is first of all a basic feeling, that was given to us by nature, and it’s purpose is to make us mate and reproduce. This feeling, or force, was created through many years of evolution, to make that we will have children.

And we are not only supposed to have children, nature wants them to have the highest chances to survive. Our genes didn’t develop in our modern times. They developed through hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution.

And those genes are adapted for ancient times, in which human beings used to live in small tribes, of 50-200 people. And survival in those years was very different than today.


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What Attracts Women And Men?

In those ancient times, each sex needed to create the highest chances for his children to survive.

Men needed 2 basic things in a woman: to be healthy and young, and not to cheat on him. Not cheating is important, because a man can never be sure the children are really his. So in order to be sure, men needed a girl who didn’t seem to be “easy” with women.

Now, because men want a healthy and young woman, we give high importance to physical looks: young skin, tits, ass, face. And we also look for women with curvy body, as it increases the chances for a successful birth.

In addition, men are also attracted to feminine behavior, which is connected to being “not easy to get” – shyness, resistance to have sex, and not showing too much interest in men.

What about women? Well, the main need women have in past times was the need to survive. Women are weaker than men, and needed a man who will protect and and supply her and her babies with basic needs (shelter, food, etc).

Women, therefore, are attracted to strong and masculine men. And while physical strenght is important, a strong man can be also strong due to his social connections, or because he is a leader of men.

Many of the next chapters will discuss how to show women that you are a masculine men. In most of the, we will concentrate on your social skills, social value, leadership, etc. We will also remember to show a woman that you are a man who protects and helps his friends.

Attraction Is Not A Choice

Do you remember seeing a very beautiful woman? You simply liked everything in her – her body, the way she was walking, he smile… You didn’t choose to be attracted to her, right?

This is a basic concept in pick-up. You didnt choose to be attracted. And women don’t choose to be attracted to men.

There are so many stories about women who were mistreated by men, and they still stayed with him. It’s because a woman can’t choose to which man to be attracted.

As long as you push her right buttons, show her you attractive qualities, a woman will be attracted to you. It’s not her choice.